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Fuku Wa Uchi

Fuku Wa Uchi

Our second oldest signature sweets, first sold in 1904, Fuku Wa Uchi is shaped like an otafuku mame, a large broad bean commonly eaten during New Year to prevent sickness.

The name is also a reference to a tradition during Setsubun Festival (early February) when people would throw beans in their house while saying "Fuku Wa Uchi, Oni Wa Soto" (luck inside, demon outside) to pray for good luck.

This is a baked confection, outside is egg yolk-based paste, inside is white bean paste.


Best-before date: 3 weeks


Availability: December - January, all stores (store list)


Allergen: egg

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • White bean

  • Sugar

  • Corn syrup

  • Egg

  • Kambaiko (mochi flour)

  • Kanten (seaweed jelly)

  • Trehalose (sweetener)

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