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Kyō Beni

Kyō Beni

Kyō Beni is a monaka, which is a pair of rice wafer shells filled with red bean paste. The wafer shells and red bean paste are kept separate to ensure the wafers stay crispy. Two kinds of fillings are available: red bean and yuzu citrus.

The name Kyō Beni refers to the high quality red pigment made from safflower used by Maiko and Geisha of Kyoto to color their lips. They would pour the red pigment on round plates or clamshells before applying to their lips. This tradition inspired us to make a monaka shaped just like a pair of clamshells and also named it Kyō Beni. 

Best-before date: 1 year (store list)


Availability: all year long, all stores


Allergen: none

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • Mochi rice

  • Sugar

  • Red bean

  • Yuzu citrus paste (only for yuzu citrus filling)

Online shop (we only deliver inside Japan)

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