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Takara Bukuro

Takara Bukuro

Shaped like gold coins and decorated with auspicious symbols, this is an egg yolk-based baked confection. Available in three flavors: “benian” (white bean paste colored red), “koshian” (smooth red bean paste), and matcha.


Best-before date: 3 weeks


Availability: November - December, all stores (store list)


Allergen: egg

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • White bean (for “benian” flavor)

  • Red bean (for “koshian” flavor)

  • Matcha (for matcha flavor)

  • Sugar

  • Corn syrup

  • Egg

  • Kambaiko (mochi flour)

  • Kanten (seaweed jelly)

  • Trehalose (sweetener)

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