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“Mame” means “beans” which refers to the salted red peas, and “kan” means “kanten (seaweed jelly)” which refers to the sweet jelly cubes.


Available in two flavors: red bean paste and brown sugar syrup.


Drain the water from the jelly cube bag and combine with the other ingredients. Best served cold.


Best-before date: 1 month


Availability: April - September, all stores (store list)


Allergen: none

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • Corn syrup

  • Sugar

  • Kanten (seaweed jelly)

  • Satsuma mandarin

  • Salted red peas

  • Thickener

  • Red bean (for ogura flavor)

  • Brown sugar (for kuromitsu flavor)

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