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tubara cafe

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Opened in 2019 next to our Kyoto Main Store, tubara cafe was established to showcase new
ways to enjoy Japanese sweets in a modern setting and combine it with ingredients not commonly used in Japanese sweets, such as mascarpone cheese, rum raisin, and more. Enjoy with our original coffee blend or tea.

Closest train station: Imadegawa Station (Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line)

Opening hours: 11:30 - 17:30 (L.O. 17:00) Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (open if falls on National Holiday)

nama tubara set

Nama Tsubara Set

From 1,210 JPY (price will change depending on the drink)

Includes two pieces of Nama Tsubara and a drink of your choice.

Nama Tsubara is a layer of thin pancake folded and filled with mascarpone cheese-based cream.

We offer seasonal flavors such as orange, pistachio, chestnut, and more.

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