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Privacy Statement

This page lays out how Tsuruya Yoshinobu Inc. collects and handle visitor information.


Using of Google Analytics and Wix Analytics, the following data are recorded by default: access time, IP address, location (up to city level), device information (OS< language etc.), URLs of visited pages, source, and other default metrics.


We analyze the collected data periodically (monthly and annually) to understand how users interact with our website and use that information to make improvements on the website. We do not share an information with any  third-party entity, all information collected is for internal purpose only.


Data is collected by using cookies provided by Google Analytics and Wix Analytics. Data retention period is set at the default range of 14 months. We will notify users by posting and article in this website should any of the settings change.


For any inquiry related to privacy or personally identifiable information, please use the contact page on our website.

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