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Gosho Kagami

Gosho kagami

Also called “hanabira mochi” it is a confection used in imperial ceremonies and also the main confection for Urasenke school of tea in January.


It is a thin layer of ryuhi (steamed mochi flour) folded and filled with white miso paste, red yōkan, and candied gobo (burdock root). 


Best-before date: 5 days


Availability: January, all stores (store list)

Allergen: soy

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • Sugar

  • Mochi flour

  • White bean

  • Candied gobo stick

  • Corn syrup

  • Rice miso (contains soy)

  • Mizuame (from rice and wheat)

  • Starch

  • Kanten (seaweed jelly)

Gosho kagami and matcha
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