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Seitai 01

We are honored to have the 15th-generation Grand Master (Iemoto) of Urasenke, Sen Sōshitsu XV, named this wagashi ”Seitai” which means “water dripping on green moss.”


Made with only high-quality sugar, corn syrup, and kanten (sweet jelly) it’s a very simple confection yet deep in meaning. Inside is juicy jelly, outside is a very thick layer of sugar coating which gives you that satisfying crunch with every bite.


Best-before date: 1 month


Availability: all year long, Kyoto Main Store only


Allergen: none

About food allergy-labelling system in Japan (outside link)


  • Sugar

  • Corn syrup

  • Kanten (seaweed jelly)

Seitai 02
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